Alluring Beauty

I am simply enthralled by the beautiful colors, forms and sensuality of flowers.  Dahlias, Delphiniums, and Peonys are particular favorites of mine.   Each stage of blossoming provides magic poetry to the cycle of life. 

I want to thank Calvin & Julie Cook, who own and operate Arrowhead Dahlias, for allowing me to come and photograph the wonderful flowers in their Platteville, Colorado growing fields.  They are a friendly couple with a passion for cultivating and selling cut flowers and tubers.  

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b l u e  d a h l i a s and companions (more recent work immediately below)

Dahlias are some of the most remarkable flowers to grace our world. My intent with these primarily monotone (cyanotype and selenium) images is to show off the beautiful forms and details of these magical species and the zinnea too. The blue tint of these monotones lends a softness and sensuality to the blossoms.



















  dahlia   dahlia  
  delphinium   dahlia  
  dahlia   dahlia  
  lilies   penstemons blooming in june  
  delphinium   passion  
  orange poppies   orange poppies  
  orange poppies   gladiola  
  dahlias   fading dahlia  
  summer dance   frilly peony  
  pink peony   penstemons blooming in june