At 10,000 Feet

The Colorado high country area known as South Park is the setting of my At 10,000 Feet portfolio images of horses, cattle, and ranch architecture. This region provides a scenic backdrop of mountains, rolling parkland, winter snow and starkness, summer storm clouds, and numerous ranches with wonderful weathered structures. Although bathed and pampered thoroughbred horses are truly beautiful animals, I am more attracted to the varied and unique visual character of these ranch animals and to their relationships with one another, as a herd, and with me. My goal is to capture their individual characters in a portrait form that includes the context in which they live. Text continued below:



south park highlanders, 2017



highlander, 2017



peeking, 2017



wind braids, 2017


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  socializing   serengeti paint  



Growing up in a ranching family and having a father that worked as a horse wrangler for much of his early life, I was naturally drawn to creating imagery of western ranching culture. I have always felt a strong connection particularly to the wonderful energy, beauty, strength, and free spirit of horses. My mother, Kye, who raised her adored Arabian horses, also showed me how deep the human-Equus bond could be. The imagery I create of horses, cattle and ranching helps me to explore artistically and emotionally my continued connection to this colorful yet fading way of life.

I have a great respect for the ranching way of life and particularly for those that live and work in the extremes of the high country environment. The ranchers and animals alike are an incredibly resilient bunch. I much appreciate the relationships that have evolved with numerous ranchers over the years. I am thankful for their trust in allowing me to continue photographing on their properties and remain vigilant in being respectful and careful.

  highlanders   belgian in snow  
  deer skull & antlers   white highlander  
  percheron stallion   deere & elk  
  "Ilsa" the scottish highland cow    
  white & red paint horse head profile    
  horse faces weathered from winter conditions   aligned  
  winter eve paint    
  paint horse walking into cold winter wind