Saint Vrain River, Boulder County, Colorado, 2014 

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The epic flooding from heavy rains in September of 2013 left physical and emotional scars on Colorado landscapes and lives. The memories of personal experience are sharp, blurred, and sometimes haunting.  

What remains is evidence in the landscape and in our psyche that is seen and felt in forever changed views, previous perceptions, fragments of debris, and memories both real and imagined. We are reminded by the visible marks of high water. The power and forces of nature are still evident.

The imagery in “Evidence” is an opportunity for me to share my own view of what remains in the aftermath of the flood. These images show the raw power and grace of nature in the water sculpted debris jams as well as dreamlike interpretive visions of veiled underwater scenes and conflicting cross currents. Chaos and peace often both reside together.

I have exited the flood dream portal. Relief from the chaos is offered in twilight hues as I inhale
and exhale a deep healing breath.