Lone Hawk Farm

This body of work began in April of 2015 as part of the larger FRESH Farm Art Experience exhibition featuring forty artists paired among fourteen farms in the Longmont, Colorado area. This unique exhibition celebrates the culture of agriculture.  Lone Hawk Farm was assigned to me and fellow team artists Angela Beloian (mixed media) and David Bailey (poet).  The exhibition was featured at the Firehouse Art Center and Arts Longmont, both galleries in Longmont.

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Lone Hawk Farm, near the foothills west of Longmont, is a remarkable property and creation by owners Tom and Kristin Lopez.  As I got to know them, their physical farm, and their vision of the farm and land, I felt truly honored to be their guest and was inspired by what I learned and observed.  The fact that their entire operation, including residences and machinery, is all powered by the sun speaks to their ingenuity and less environmental impacting way of living and working.

Lone Hawk is comprised of beautiful pastoral land, wetlands, hay fields, vegetable gardens, barns, solar panels, and thousands of planted trees. Artful yet driven by function, there are rough-pole and wire fences across the property and many interesting gates and bent-wood structures. Boarded horses, peacocks, and goats provide good farm characters of the animal type.

It felt important to me to honor the creators of Lone Hawk, Tom and Kristen, through developing individual composite portraits that give a glimpse into their character and interests.  My composite image “Lone Hawk Pastoral” is a tribute to their strong land stewardship.  For myself, I think it’s important to place a high value on lands that are thoughtfully managed to balance both productive needs and resource preservation (visual, open space/habitat, and energy).  Lone Hawk Farm does both.