One Man's Culture

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The One Man's Culture portfolio is a collection of images taken on my father's ranch property in southern Arizona near where I grew up.  It was quite exciting to visit his ranch as there were endless possibilities for compositions.  My father’s prized Texas Longhorn cattle were often the focus of my attention yet of equal interest to me were the corral structures, animal remains and his vast collection of materials, tools, and equipment.  At times, it felt as though I were exploring an archaeological site.  I was particularly drawn to the textures and patterns of various wire materials, weathered metals and woods, and the layering of elements.  The composite images mixed within this portfolio are another way for me to further explore the context of this desert ranch environment and more abstract relationships of the diverse ranch elements.  For me, these images tell a story about my father, his way of life, and a fading old school ranching culture. 

Longhorn cattle may weigh in excess of 1,800 pounds and grow horns that may exceed 70” from tip to tip.  As my father's Longhorn beasts were more wild than tame, it was quite intimidating to stand in close proximity to a bull with no immediate escape other than how fast you could run for cover.  Being in their presence demanded alertness and no foolish actions.

My father passed away on March 26, 2011 at his ranch home in Arizona.  A true cowboy.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  Happy Trails Dad..."until we meet again". 

    barbed wire on camper shell  
  case orange    
  broken antler   dog dream  
    skull on cacti  
    longhorn steer  
  red cadillac & chrome reflection    
  rolled wire   wire mosaic