Touching Clouds (Colorado)















          l u m i n o u s   g r a c e  
    a s c e n s i o n    
    a s c e n t   i n t o   b l u e  
    s u m m e r   g r a c e  
    c l o u d    w a v e  
    s u m m e r   g r a c e   n o .  2  

I have come to drag you out of
              yourself and take you in my heart

I have come to bring out the beauty
              you never knew you had and lift
                you like a prayer to the sky


    h o u s e   o f   s k y  
    h o u s e   o f   s k y   n o .  2  

Touching Clouds

Anyone that knows me very well is quite aware of my constant tendency to be looking up to the sky to see if there are clouds present and for any evidence of changing weather conditions. Clouds are simply magnificent! I have been thrilled with clouds and stormy weather since a young boy when my adventurous mother would excitedly request me to join her in a wild car ride through the southern Arizona desert during pouring monsoon summer rains. Thunder and lightning would crash in the air and we would shout out our yaaa-hooooo!!! as we splashed through the rising flood waters where arroyos bisected the road.

Words that describe the moods, movement, and characteristics of the ever-changing clouds like wispy, fluffy, billowing, ominous, dark, grey, swollen, luminous, radiant, racing, streaming, swirling, threatening, soothing, sensuous, mysterious, etc., etc. are endless. Yes, storm clouds can be scary and produce devastating effects, yet, I am inspired by their beauty in the sky and over the earth and sea. Clouds bring relief through nourishing rain and snow and provide shade from the searing heat of the sun. Reflecting the colors of the rising and setting sun, clouds offer us an opportunity to reflect on our own presence and connection in the universe.    

My intent with Touching Clouds is to share the beauty and mystery I see in these wonderful
vaporous formations that so thoroughly captivate my attention. I will forever have my head
turned towards the sky.

    w e s t e r n   s k y  
    w e s t e r n   s k y   n o .  2  
    a s c e n s i o n   n o .  2  
    w e s t e r n   s k y   n o .  3  
    t u r b u l e n c e  

c l o u d   c o s m o s