Glorious Trees

Trees are glorious! Trees oxygenate the earth and provide an endless list of sheltering effects for the land and creatures. Trees offer nourishment and medicine from fruits, seeds, nuts, bark, and roots. Wood from trees provide fuel for fire to warm us, cook food, and embers to gaze into in silent contemplation. Leaves from trees rustle in breezes, change colors through the seasons, and decompose to become soil. Trees sway with the wind, reach towards the sun and heavens, beautify the land, and inspire our lives.

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The images below were taken in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah. A blanket of January snow created a beautiful winterscape across the oak woodland. The composite images further accentuate the wonderful patterns and textures of the landscape and glorious trees. This imagery is dedicated to Justin Hamblin Painter (1997-2017).